Hey everyone! Nice to see you here!

My Goal is to inspire and encourage people to get creative so they can find their own voice to express themselves in their own unique while staying true to themselves. 

Why Makoccino?

As most of my friends know, I’ve been a big fan of Sailor Jupiter from the show Sailor Moon since I was a kid. Because we have a lot in common, I always wanted to be her so I started calling myself after her character’s name. And, believe it or not, it’s been about 14 years now that I go by mako! As for the -ccino part, I adore and drink a lot of coffee and so earned the nickname “makoccino” (mako + cappuccino. Huh huh?) from a friend! I actually don’t really know how she came up with it, but I liked it!

What is the aim of Makoccino.com?

On this site I want to share my interests in arts & crafts and other beautiful and cool things with everyone.

It is hard to explain what this site is really about, but I just hope I can inspire and help people wherever I can. Be it with my art, tutorials, reviews, inspirations or just with a little quote.

My belief is that it doesn’t have to be something extremely extraordinary to make someone happy or smile. Happiness is not about being rich or famous; it is all about the small things in life. They might seem little and unimportant, but they may actually have a big impact on your life, hence the butterfly logo.

Therefore, I hope that my content will brighten up someone’s day, make them smile, feel happy and make them discover their creativity and their voice within themselves!

Why did I start?

I was inspired by the people who came up with nice ideas and their determination to pursue those ideas and make them a reality, the creativity that’s reflected in all those little pieces of art. People who believed in themselves and never give in until they’ve seen things through. It is my admiration for that kind of artistic determination that led me to seize this opportunity and try out something new. With constant effort on my part, I hope to join the ranks of those people as well – one day, slowly, but surely.

My head and heart are full of dreams and ideas. I want to see the world, visit Japan, take a boat trip, have my own house with a beautiful garden, help people, make a difference. And I really hope that most of them will come true. I truly believe that dreams can come true. Even if they seem to be impossible or ridiculously stupid. You just have to believe in it and work for it, and someday they will come true. Yes, they will.

So all in all, I hope you enjoy your stay at Makoccino!

If you share your light with the world, truth and goodness will be your constant companions.

~ Micheal Teal

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