Open for Enrollment! The Roadmap to Watercolor Painting!


What’s the Difference between Watercolor Pencils, Markers and Sticks?

You probably know that there is not only watercolor paint but also watercolor pencils, markers, sticks and crayons? Now knowing about all these options, does make things a little more complicated! But I’m here to make it easier for you! I’ll show you the difference between watercolor pencils, markers, sticks and crayons and tell you […]

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Make Your Watercolor Painting Look MAGICAL With These Easy Watercolor Techniques & Ideas

easy watercolor techniques

Are you looking for easy watercolor techniques or new watercolor painting ideas? If so you’re exactly in the right spot! Because that is exactly what you’ll find in today’s post!! I’ll show you how to create different sceneries with simple and fun techniques that you can use in your watercolor painting to make your art […]

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How to Paint Cherry Blossoms Inspired Flowers with Watercolors! Spring Painting Ideas

Spring painting ideas

It’s spring, a season filled with beautiful colors! That’s why today is all about spring painting ideas! You always wanted to learn how to paint cherry blossoms inspired flowers with watercolors with me? Perfect! Because that is exactly what we’re doing today! 😉 The first thing to do is sketching out the painting on a […]

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