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Beginners Guide to Watercolor Painting

Get started with the Beginners Guide to Watercolor Painting!!

Starting a new hobby can be pretty overwhelming!

But starting with watercolors is not as difficult as it seem!

I got your back!

Get your FREE guide that'll give you an overview on the essential supplies and techniques you need to know to start your watercolor painting journey!!

Take the next step in learning how to mix watercolors!

  • Are you tired of mixing muddy purples and greens?
  • You tried everything but you still don't get the color results you wanted?

Download this FREE cheat sheet to learn more about colors and how this will help you with mixing your watercolors right, so that you get the results you wanted!!

Watercolor Supplies Guide

  • You're new to watercolors and can't figure out what you need?
  • You're following every watercolor tutorial but your end result still doesn't turn out as you hoped?

Download this free guide where I'll tell you exactly what you'll need! PLUS, you'll find a watercolor supplies cheat sheet of my current favorites!