Find joy and calm in the art of watercolor painting

Use this resource to feel confident and inspired no matter where you are on your watercolor journey.

It's your escape from the blank paper with over 25 step-by-step projects to choose from.

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Turn your blank paper into a beautiful work of art

Color palettes, brushes, and paper…

It's easy to get overwhelmed as you stare at a blank sheet of paper, afraid of making a mistake, unsure what you even want to paint, or even how to start.

No-Fail Watercolor guides you through the process, so you'll feel in control of the outcome, inspiring you to actually take out your paints, enjoy the experience, and be proud of what you create. 

Dipping into the world of watercolor has never been easier!

Published through Page Street Publishing, Distributed by Macmillan.


“Mako takes the stress out of watercolor painting and shows you how to create beautiful artwork in an easy to understand manner. The projects in No-Fail Watercolor allow you to try various techniques that will have you feeling confident with your paint brush!”

 – Dana Fox, best-selling author of the Watercolor With Me series

“Whether you’re a complete beginner or someone who’s already familiar with watercolor, you’ll enjoy Mako’s clear and concise teaching style that helps break down more complex topics in a fun and approachable way. Her new book is filled with beautiful, inspiring projects that will provide you with hours of painting fun!” 

– Carol Cho, Watercolor & Lettering Artist

Success starts with the right supplies

When it comes to watercolor painting, quality materials do matter. That's why I want to set you up for success before you even put brush to paper.

My goal for this book is to show you that you too can be a wonderful watercolor artist. I've dedicated the first few chapters to showing you the qualities you want to look for when choosing watercolor supplies.

Because when you're an informed buyer, you'll be able to choose the essentials that will last you a lifetime – even on a small budget!

Mix colors without losing your mind

Tired of feeling like your paintings never turn out how you want them to? This book will show you how to mix colors with control everytime so you'll feel more happy and confident about what you're producing.

You'll not only learn the basics of color theory so you can mix colors like a professional, but also how to purchase colors to achieve the specific look you want for your finished piece.

Get inspired with 25+ watercolor projects

One of the best ways to improve your skills as a watercolor artist is to practice.

You'll find over 25 projects inside, each with step-by-step instructions to help you with color mixing, brush selection, and painting techniques. Projects include scenes such as ocean waves, mountains, a starry sky, and an enchanted forest.

This Book is For:

Beginner watercolor artists who want to learn basic skills and gain a renewed confidence in their ability to paint with watercolors. 

Experienced painters wanting to freshen up their skills or follow along with new and interesting projects.

Hobbyists or those using watercolor painting as a way to relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day.  

“Every artwork is a valuable experience and nothing is wasted. But, it’s a waste to do nothing at all.”


Hey, I'm Mako!

Watercolor artist and founder of Makoccino, my YouTube channel where I help people find and share their own creative voice through art.

I'm helping you do the same inside No-Fail Watercolor. This book will give you the knowledge, inspiration, and confidence you need to sit down and create something beautiful.  
Stop worrying about the mistakes you might make and JUST START!

“The perfect step-by-step book for those that would love to paint, but aren’t sure where to start.”

– Katie Jobling, artist

“Mako is an awesome tutor! I've been doing her Roadmap To Watercolour course and I no longer consider myself a newbie. I've ordered her book too. And after a few weeks of not being able to paint for lack of time, I'm now back to painting! You have helped to change my life and get back the creative part of my being!”

 -Terri Robertson, Watercolor Course Student

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