Beginners Guide to Watercolor Painting

My Beginner's Guide to Watercolor Painting!

I know that starting with a new hobby can seem quite overwhelming!

That's why I created a FREE guide for you to walk you through the very first steps of painting with watercolors!

It gives you an overview on essential supplies and techniques you need to know to start with your watercolor painting journey!

My Favorite Art Supplies

The supplies you choose to buy can make the difference between you loving watercolors and you being discouraged by them.

With my free guide on watercolor supplies I'll give you a quick overview of the things I wish I knew sooner and share my current favorites!

I want to give you the foundation of everything you'll need to know so you can make an informed decision when choosing watercolor supplies that are right for you!

Because after all, you want to become a master of your art supplies – and not be their victim! đŸ˜‰

    My Watercolor Mixing Cheat Sheet

    Mixing watercolors can seem to be a science itself. In my cheat sheet on watercolor mixing I'll show you that it's not!!

    I'll give you an overview about everything you need to know to take your watercolor mixing skills to the next level!!

    Grab my FREE cheat sheet now!

    The Ultimate Color Combination Cheat Sheet

    My Ultimate Color Combination Cheat Sheet

    To create paintings you love do not only think about what you paint but also think about which colors you combine!

    Here is my FREE cheat sheet for you to learn what colors go well together! So that you can take your paintings to the next level!

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    My Filming & Editing Gear

    You've always wondered what I'm using to film and edit my YouTube videos?

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