Hey, my name is mako!

I was inspired by the people who came up with nice ideas and their determination to pursue those ideas and make them a reality, the creativity that’s reflected in all those little pieces of art. People who believed in themselves and never give in until they’ve seen things through. It is my admiration for that kind of artistic determination that led me to seize this opportunity and try out something new. With constant effort on my part, I hope to join the ranks of those people as well – one day, slowly, but surely. 

My Goal is to inspire and encourage people to get creative so they can find their own voice to express themselves in their own unique while staying true to themselves.  

Art has always been something I’m passionate about. It gives us the opportunity to express ourselves in our own unique way. In the Art category you can discover all sorts of things from Art Tutorials, Tips & Tricks, to Art Journal Ideas & different Art Challenges. Since it’s also important to me to help my audience by giving strength and encouragement, I have a series called Painting Out Loud. Here I discuss different things we all go through in our lives to show that we can all relate to each other and that we are not alone in this because we all have so much in common.

Getting crafty and creating something that is handmade is also something I really passionate about. In this category you can find different DIY projects, such as handmade Gift Ideas, Soap, Room Decor and also fun and easy DIY projects for Back to School! You can browse through the whole DIY section because you don’t want to miss out on any of them!

If you just want to have fun and don’t exactly know what you can do, you can browse through my Inspiration category get some ideas! One of the popular topics are things you can do when you feel bored, Bullet Journal Ideas. But you can also discover a lot of things that are great foods for your thoughts!


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Picture taken by Nkima Photography