Sugar life hack? Today's video is about how to paint with sugar! In this science experiment I try how to create edible art by painting with sugar! I also try out how to color sugar and how to make candy & how to make lollipops at home! Great candy gift ideas!
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I recently discovered a Chinese tradition: Sugar Painting! It's a traditional Chinese form of folk art using hot, liquid sugar to create two dimensional figures. Selecting a figure is normally determined by spinning the arrow on a wheel, but since I'm new to this, I wanted to just experiment with sugar and see how I can melt the sugar and then paint the sugar to create homemade candy / homemade lollipops! What I did in the end is more like you would see in spun sugar tutorials and videos for sugar art of baking! If you want to achieve the two dimensional figures as in the example I showed you, you really need to practice!
I was trying to find a good recipe on how to melt sugar to create the perfect mixture to create sugar paintings, but I somehow couldn't find anything except one! Even there they used additional things!
First I will show you how to melt sugar and then how to make colored sugar!
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So I decided to use 1 cup of sugar with 1/4 cup of water. Let the sugar dissolve on the stove until it's completely dissolved and then turn the heat higher to cook the sugar until it's slightly brown. Remove it from the stove and pour the liquid sugar into a heat-safe dish like a glass jar for cooking to stop the cooking process. Use a baking sheet and then you can start painting with the sugar using a spoon. Be very careful as the sugar is really hot! Don't burn yourself!
Experimenting with sugar at home and doing science experiments at home are really fun but you should be very careful! You saw how dangerous it can get when the sugar is liquid and super hot!
You can also use food coloring to make DIY colored sugar if you want! It's really cool and you should definitely try it out! You can make colored sugar in any color to create a lollipop in the color of your choice!
Use a spoon to drip the sugar onto the baking sheet! But you can also use the spoon to distribute the sugar on the sheet to create personal sugar designs!
When you created your design, add a skewer on top and add more liquid sugar on top so the stick can glue to the design!
Be sure to make the designs thick and not too delicate as they will break!
You need to work very quickly with liquid sugar as it will harden over time! But melting sugar and making lollipops at home is really fun! It's a great DIY christmas gift that is affordable, customizable and easy to make!
I hope you enjoy this science experiment at home using sugar!
Let me know in the comments down below what you think and what you would like to see next!
Thank you so much for watching, have a wonderful day and see you next week!



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