Hey guys! This DIY tutorial is all about how to wrap a present! I show you cute and creative gift wrapping ideas so you know how to wrap a present creatively and to give you ideas for gift wrapping!

These DIY present wrapping ideas are perfect for Valentine's Day, Birthday, Christmas or any other occasion! With these gift wrapping hacks I will show you how to wrap oddly shaped gifts and how to wrap a present creatively! I will also show you all wrapping techniques step by step including how to make an origami candy box easy, how to make a strawberry box, DIY emoji box using Christmas ornaments and how to make an animal gift wrap!

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All these ideas are great for your friends and family. You can personalise and make every box unique to make a great DIY gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother father and everyone else you know! These cute gift wrapping ideas are perfect for oddly shaped gifts. Depending on the size of your gift, you can either use a large or a small piece of paper and ornament. I hope these DIY creative gift wrapping ideas are helpful to you!

You can get the supplies at any craft store or online (Amazon / Ebay)!

#1 DIY Origami Candy Box
The origami candy box instructions and techniques can be different. I hope through this step by step video you can learn how to make your own candy box! I tried my best to show and explain every step, but if you still have any questions, feel free to ask!

#2 DIY Strawberry Box
To make the strawberry box use a heart shaped plastic ornament in any size of your choice! Paint the seeds using yellow acrylic paint on the inside of the plastic, let it dry and then apply a generous amount of red acrylic paint so the inside won't look through later! Once everything is dry, place the gift inside and close the box. For the leave and the step I used green paper and a pipe cleaner! You can get everything at any craft store or online!

#3 DIY Emoji Box
To make the emoji box is very simple. Take a round plastic ornament in any size you want. The bigger it is, the bigger the gift can be/the more you can put inside! Draw any emoji face inside the ornament (mirrored), color anything you need with acrylic paint and then cover the rest with yellow acrylic paint!

#4 DIY Animal Gift Wrap
For the cute cat I'm using white paper and wrap the package as I would normally pack a gift! But this time be sure to make the fold/flaps on the side that is wider. This way we can draw the face on the smaller side! Attach ears that you can make out of paper, draw a face and attach a tail! Here I used a pipe cleaner as well that I attached at the end!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below!
Thank you so much for watching guys, have a wonderful day and see you soon!



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