Have trouble finding the perfect gift for the artist in your life?

Sometimes, even as an artist, it’s hard to find the right gift for another creative 😅. I’ll admit I’ve been stumped a time or two! To help spark some ideas, I’ve created this list of Holiday Gift Ideas for Watercolor Lovers for you!

It’s the perfect little gift guide to help you choose a gift for a friend, or even to send to a family member who wants to know what to get YOU. 😉

Most exciting for me is to see my new book No-Fail Watercolor on this Amazon list! It’s a proud moment. If you or someone you love is interested in starting a watercolor journey, this is the perfect place to start.

I’ve put together easy to understand information about the foundations and theories an artist needs to know, with plenty of ‘try it out’ sections for you to apply what you’ve learned and had a little no-pressure fun!

For me, joy is one of the most important pieces of being an artist, and I wanted to help bring a little joy to you this holiday season.

Check out No-Fail Watercolor and the Holiday Gift Ideas for Watercolor Lovers today!