Top 12 Best Tips for Someone Who Has Never Used Watercolors or Starts Over

Starting with Watercolors is overwhelming and intimidating! There are so many things you think you don’t know and you’re probably right. But there is no need to give up because I’m here to help you with my Top 12 Tips for starting (over) with watercolors! #1 Use qualitiy supplies And I’m NOT talking about the […]

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Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas – How to Paint Donuts with Watercolors!

Easy watercolor painting ideas

Looking for easy watercolor painting ideas? I’m glad you found your way to today’s blogpost, because that is exactly what you’ll get here! Today we’ll be painting: Donuts! But before we start I have to warn you: If you follow along you will create mouth-watering donuts, please keep in mind that you can’t eat your […]

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