Taking good pictures is so hard =.= I'm so sad every time the pictures of my items end up miserable. When I hold the finished piece in my hand I am so excited to show it to my friends, my family or to the world. My family can see my art live but not all my friends. Therefore I have to take pictures… which end up being crap. As a result: the item looks crappy.
Do you know how to take good pictures? I see a lot of people who make very good photos of their stuff. As if the sun is shining the whole day! And I use ALL light that I have T_T And I brighten them up a little.. But… =.=

But okay! I’m new and I will learn that!

And yeah! I have finally used a stone of my stone collection! At first I didn’t know what I can do with this stone but I decided to make a phone strap. I love phone straps >.>
I’m very happy with this phone strap because turquoise is one of my favourite colours. Besides the little butterfly is a part of my signature ^__^

Here are some photos:

I hope you like it!
I have some other nice stones left. Maybe I can use them as well and creat something beautiful again ^__^

Mweh, so tired. Shouldn't write new blog entries, when I'm so sleepy +_+

Good night everyone and happy holidays!