While packing an order today I realized that nobody knows how my packaging looks like! (Only my customers…) But why not sharing? It is not a secret!
Since I LOVE gift wrapping and packaging it is important for me that everything looks nice and pretty. At the beginning I was not sure how it should look like. Should I use bags, boxes? But after finding pretty gift paper I decided to try it out! I made a card holder for my business card and for my thank you note by using an origami technique and a little bag in which I put everything in!
I love how colourful this paper is. I think it is perfect for this season! Since I don't know where to get this paper I only have this one role ;_; But because I know myself I would change this paper before it is all used anyway, haha…….
I would LOVE to see everyone's packaging! ^__^ After every purchase I'm so excited! Because of the item and secondly because I will see how it is wrapped! Not that it is so important for me but it is interesting how other people send their orders!
So if someone is interesting in sharing with me, feel free to do that!! I bet there are a lot of people who want to know that!
Have a wonderful week everyone!