Hey everyone!
Spring is here and I can't stop thinking about butterflies! I doodle and paint just butterfly related things to try to come up with new ideas, but… I finally added a new listing to my shop! Since I had only 3 colours to choose from I thought, I should add a listing where everyone can choose whatever colour he or she wants! Check it out here!

I've tried to take some pics during the process (ohhh, this shape reminds me of Senshi's bows!!). First I wanted to create a colour chart with every colour that I have. Unfortunately I don't have a lot because they are so expansive, so I always have to mix them or adjust the intensity. I use Schmincke Watercolours and I hope to own every colour of them! Or at least some more….

One of my major classes in school was art, therefore I had to buy a lot of supplies that I didn't have. So everyone asked which watercolours should we get and the teacher told us to get Schmincke. There are more expensive watercolours out there but Schmincke – so he said- has the best quality for a good price. And it is true! I really like the quality of them. Maybe I should try some other brands for comparing. Maybe you could suggest me something? That would be great!

Filmed a new tutorial today! It is Easter related! The editing will take me ages I guess… But I hope I can share it with you very soon! I wouldn't have never imagined that I would be so nervous while filming… If you didn't see my last tutorial, check it out here!
I hope everyone had a nice weekend! It is almost 9 p.m. so weekend is almost over for me. =( May the next week be great for everybody!!