Hello everyone!
I'm a huuuuge Sailor Moon fan and Sailor Jupiter is actually my favourite Senshi (can't you already that tell by my nickname? haha). After watching Sailor Moon videos the last days I got so inspired by the clothes and jewellery that they all wear that I HAD to recreate something related! My first try was actually this necklace but this time you can actually wear a bow as a necklace. 
To make it easier for you guys I made a template that you all can print out and use it for your creations! 
The first bow on the template is for reference. So you know how your bow should look like in the end. The 2 other parts you can cut out and use it for the 1:1 recreation of the necklace I've made in the tutorial. But you also can adjust everything how you want it to be! You don't even have to use this template, if you are confident without it!

Sailor Jupiter ftw!!

I hope you like this tutorial and if you want me to make more of these, just let me know!
Have wonderful week everyone!