Hey everybody!
Man, it is so hot in here! T_T I wish I had an air conditioner or something here… 
I haven't been blogging anything besides my DIY tutorials for a long time so I decided to post something that I recently bought. Not because I want to make a haul where I show you what I purchased, I rather wanted to show you something cute that I recently found!
First of all, I FINALLY HAVE 2 STRAWBERRY GLASSES! Because I am a Nana fan I always wanted those strawberry glasses. My best-friend (hello, Taka!!) sent me one glass that she made for me as a present but it is at my mom's right now. =( And because these ones were SO cheap (1 Euro each!!!) I had to buy them… I know they don't look like the real ones, but I still find them so cute and delicious! 

And I HAD to get this. First I thought it was a muffin… But it turned out it is an ice cream… If you open it, you can put something in it!

See? ^__^
And since I used like in in almost every video pink nail polish, I wanted to try another colour! What do you think about Violette?
I am not sure what I should put inside but that's okay…
Still working on some tutorial ideas and have 2 new tutorials coming soon. I wanted to upload 1 in two weeks because it takes a lot of time to film and edit, so I won't be able to upload them every week or more often. I hope you can understand. T_T Ahhh and so much to do for Uni. But procrastination wins every time… And I have some time left… lalala…
I hope everyone is fine and is enjoying the summer so far!

Have a nice day and we shall speak soon!