How to: Easy Sailor Moon Watercolour Paintings + Templates | Collaboration with Maqaroon!

Hey everyone!
In celebration of the new Sailor Moon series coming up this year, Joanna and I decided to make a collaboration video with Sailor Moon inspired crafts!

Watch her video here!

As for Joanna Sailor Moon has a special meaning for me as well since it’s not only my first anime that I grew up with, but I also found a lot of friends through it that I’m still in touch with!

For this video I wanted to make a water colour painting with a simple technique! You only need masking fluid and the template I have made for you!

Sailor Jupiter:
Sailor Mars:
Sailor Venus:
Sailor Merkur:

I hope you like this idea and don’t forget to check out Maqaroon’s video on Sailor Moon Crisis Moon Needle Felt Broach and to subscribe to her!

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I hope you enjoy these tutorials and have a great day!


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