Hey guys! In this cute and happy home decor series, I'm going to show how to make these pineapple and strawberry planters for succulents and other plants! They are easy and fun to make and make any room super cute!

Things you will need:
– Terracotta Pots (I used flower pots of two different sizes so I didn't have to replant the succulents. You can find them in flower shops or craft stores!)
– Haworthia Fasciata (or just other plants like Aloe Vera that look similar to the top of a pineapple)
– Haworthia Retusa
– Air-Drying Clay
– Acrylic Paint (Yellow, Red, Brown)
– Brushes in different sizes
– A ruler for the pineapple gaps (optional)
I hope you enjoy this video and find this idea helpful!
If you have any questions or suggestions, always feel free to comment down below!
Have a wonderful day everyone!
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