Need some cool & affordable DIY Gift Ideas every Gamer & Geek in your life will love? If a gamer is on your holiday shopping list, these geeky & nerdy DIY gift presents for the gamer boyfriend, gamer girlfriend, gamer friend in your life are a great alternative! These handmade gifts for nerds are great geeky DIY gifts for Christmas, Birthday, Valentine's day and any other occasion! All of these nerdy DIY project ideas are super easy and simple to make, but look very cute in the end!

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Are you looking for some awesome DIY Gift Ideas for Gamers and Geeks? Then you've come to the right place! I will show you 4 cute and easy to make DIY Gamer Gifts every gamer boyfriend or gamer girlfriend will love!


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🎮 DIY 8-bit Gamer Life Bar Accessory for Gamers & Geeks 🎮

The first DIY is a 8-bit gamer life bar pin that you can make into a hairpin, broach or any other pin you want! This is a great accessory that celebrates the classic 8-bit hearts! These cute hearts with pixelated edges are a great gift for a Birthday, Valentine's or any day and is cute and perfect present even for your best friends!
Here I used black, red, white and clear mini perler / hama beads and a square peg board for the 8-bit heart design.

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🎮 You are my MVP 8-bit Gamer Life Bar Heart Wall Decoration Painting 🎮

A hand painted “You're my MVP” painting is a great and super cute geeky DIY gift to show your gamer boyfriend, gamer girlfriend or just your gamer friend that you really appreciate them! This is also a cool Valentine's Day gift! This beautiful and adorable painting can be a great gift for your best friend, boyfriend or any family member! I love how unique and creative this hand painted geeky gift looks! You can also add any other additional lovely quote below the 8-bit heart and you have an adorable gift idea for your best friend or boyfriend or any other gamer in your life!

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🎮 DIY Geeky Handmade Door Sign for Gamers
This hand made double sided door sign for a keen computer game enthusiast is an ideal gift for any game fanatic that you can customize however you like. If the gamer in your life tends to be AFK all the time while playing online video games, this is a great geeky DIY gift for her or him! A perfect gift for anyone who tends to be AFK, doesn't want to be disturbed while playing video games!
This idea is very versatile as you can write a personalized message, word or something else depending on the your gamer boyfriend or girlfriend. You can also add any quote on top of the sign and you have an adorable and funny gift idea for your best friend or boyfriend or any other gamer in your life!
Create a template first using a plain white sheet of paper so you can plan out your design!
This is the font I used:

🎮 DIY Geeky Handmade Gamer Coasters


These cool perler bead / hama coasters are a great decoration for your gamer friend or for yourself whenever your friends will come over to have a drink, be it Mana or Health!
Here I used the Xbox for reference, but you can use any other game pad of course.
Use midi perler in the fitting color!

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I hope you liked these ideas and found them helpful!

Let me know in the comments down below what you think and what you would like to see next!

Have a wonderful day and see you soon!



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