Do you use cheap art supplies or do you spend a little more money on them? Are expensive art supplies just a waste of money or are they totally worth it? Let's find out!

I tested a lot of different watercolor sets in the past and there were huge differences between the super cheap and the more expensive ones. (Here is a link to all my videos on testing watercolor sets)

Today's focus is on the following three different watercolor papers:

And the following watercolor sets:

I compare the information the producers provide and test the different paints on the different papers. You'll see the differences in the texture of the watercolor papers, how vibrant and even the colors look when they are dry. The results are incredible!

!Spoiler Alert! You don't need the most expensive art supplies! All you need to know is what to look for in cheap art supplies!

Let's start testing!

Cheap art supplies don't mean bad quality!

Expensive watercolor paper is not necessarily good watercolor paper. You need to know how the paper is made. I did a video on that too, where we look more into detail on watercolor papers. (Just click here to watch it)

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