I'm sooo excited! I will finally test the super popular Viviva and the Peerless watercolor sheets that you guys have mentioned a lot!

But what are watercolor sheets?

Watercolor sheets are watercolors that are made out of heavily pigmented dyes and come on some sort of paper or cardboard-type surface. To use them you only need to activate them with a wet brush.

Vivia watercolor sheets

These sheets come in a small booklet with 16 different transparent watercolor for the price of $18.90 if you get the single set. According to their website the colors are made out of mineral dyes and they last very long.. The color's name is below each color and the sections are color coded through the strips along the bottom. So you have an index to find your colors easily inside the book. The slightly transparent paper in between the pages is water resistant and protects the colors from sticking together!

Peerless watercolor sheets

They come in a bigger booklet. The complete Edition of the original set of colors contains 15 colors. However, you can buy additional packs of colors (complete library of current colors contains 78). The booklet also comes with an introduction, instructions and further information as a copy of the original vintage text from the 1902 version. On the page facing each color is the color name as well as information about the color and its uses.

You can get the peerless watercolor complete edition book and its 15 original colors for 16 $

Watch my video below to see how the colors look in action! I swatched the colors, created color wheels, mixed them and actually painted with them. In the end I'll give you all the pros and cons you need to decide if these watercolor sheets are the right thing for you!

If you're interested in one of these sheets or both here are the links to the vivivacolors.com and peerlesscolor.com