Are you looking for easy watercolor techniques or new watercolor painting ideas? If so you're exactly in the right spot! Because that is exactly what you'll find in today's post!! I'll show you how to create different sceneries with simple and fun techniques that you can use in your watercolor painting to make your art look more interesting and magical!!

Let's start with simple painting ideas! As the word “simple” implies, please make sure to really keep it simple! You don't have to paint something extraordinary. Just start with simple things! For example a forest or mountains! Don't make things too complicated!

Forests and mountains don't sound simple to you?

Don't worry! I have a tutorial for you in my video below!

I created four paintings with two different techniques to create depth and a little magic!

In my first painting I created a forest and an underwater scenery in the second painting. You'll learn the first techniques during these two paintings! I used the second technique which is as easy as the first in my third painting, a mountain scenery and combined them for my fourth painting!

So make sure to watch my tutorial below to learn these magical and easy watercolor techniques! Trust me it's not as hard as it seem to create a beautiful scenery!

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