Creating a sunset skyline seems tough for you? Not anymore after you read this post! Because I will show you how to paint a sunset skyline with watercolors that will look glowy and more beautiful than you can imagine!

First of all you need a regular paper to plan your painting!

You can start by dividing your page into thirds. Upper part will be the sky, bottom part some buildings and the middle part our beautiful sunset!

Now for the buildings you need to consider what the perspective is. In my video I focused on one point perspective. If you don't know how to do that I recommend watching the video below where I explain this.

You don't need to make very detailed sketches from the buildings especially not those in the background because you won't draw them that accurately anyway. You can also sketch out the sun in the center and some buildings along the horizon if you want to.

Next step is to transfer your sketch to your watercolor paper. If you don't have transfer paper you can create a layer of pencil lead on the backside of the sketch to transfer it. (I also made a video on this one and other hacks 😉 you can find it right here)

With your sketch on your watercolor paper you can start painting!

For a step-by-step guide on how to paint a glowy sunset skyline watch my video below!

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