Today's video is a live watercolor painting session! And when you paint with me you'll end up with beautiful DIY Easter Cards!!

Since it's almost easter I thought it would be nice to create my own easter cards! If you're not celebrating easter don't worry, you don't have to make it a card and you don't have to make it easter related! Just make it a nice tulip/spring painting!

For this tutorial you need:

  • watercolor paper (choose whatever size you prefer)
  • a pencil (I used a graphite aquarell waterpencil, which dissolves in water)
  • eraser
  • brush (with a tip that is good for details)
  • watercolors (Red, yellows and greens)
  • two jars of water (one for clean water, one for cleaning your brushes)
  • tissue paper (to dab of excess water)

Now let's relax and start painting with me!

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