Self-Care? I know you probably heard about the importance of self-care a million times, but have you actually taken the time to check in with yourself lately?

How do you feel? What do you need?

In these crazy times a lof of us struggle because we think we neet to get more things done and we have to be super productive. So right now you might not only be worried about the whole situation but also feel anxious and stressed. And the first thing I want you to know is that this is okay and you're not alone!

Especially in times like this it is important to be aware of how you actually feel without trying to ignore it and really practice some self-compassion. Don't beat yourself up for the way you feel!

One of the things that are super important now is to have a protocol in place. Meaning, whenever you feel a certain way, for example stressed, anxious or uninspired, what are your go-to things you do to help you deal with all that? You can't change the circumstances but you can decide on how you want to think and feel about it.

This protocol should be a list of things you can do for yourself and your mental health. So when you'll find yourself struggling you can take a look on your list and pick something to do to help you calm and destress. There might also be some things on your list you want to do regularly to develop a self-care habit.

Here you'll find some categories for inspiration for your self-care list: (For specific examples just watch my video below!)
  1. Essentials that we always forget about!
    • This can be as easy as breathing. 😉
  2. Fun things to do!
    • When was the last time you really did something that brings you joy?
  3. Declutter!
    • Get rid of something that makes you feel mentally cluttered and stuck.
  4. Reconnect with what's important!
    • What is important to you?
  5. Move your body!
    • No, you don't have to do work-out that's killing you!
  6. Connect with people!
    • Chats, video chats, phone calls. There are millions of free tools to meet your friends and family online!

In my video below I go more into detail and give you many examples for your self-care list! Take good care of yourself!

I hope my video was helpful for you! In these time we have to support each other as best as we can! I try to do this every day by creating YouTube videos. If you wanna stay updated you can click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel.