Are you about to start your watercolor painting journey and you don't know what exactly you need because a brush is not just a brush and there are millions of different watercolors and papers? I'm here to take away the overwhelm! Today you'll learn about the essential watercolor supplies you need to get started with watercolors!

Don't worry you don't need to break the bank to enjoy painting!

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Okay let's get started!

Today I want to show you my top 3 watercolor supplies and some tips that will help you decide which supplies are best for you when you buy yourself supplies.

Because I'm totally aware that the prices of the supplies might vary depending on the country you live in. So if my supplies are to expensive in your country, you will still learn what to look for in supplies! 😊

Watercolor Paper

Watercolor paper is THE foundation of your painting and a lot of beginners don't pay much attention to it. But using cheap and low quality paper will ruin your results!

Here's what happens when you use low quality watercolor paper:

Even if you have expensive and high quality watercolor paints, the colors will look a lot more pale, the paper will buckle and the painting will dry streaky and blotchy. The paper can start peeling and breaking during the painting process.

It won’t be the artistic skills holding you back from achieving the results you desire, but the quality of the paper!

Good quality watercolor paper is a lot more durable. You will be able to take your time refining your artwork layer by layer and the paint will dry evenly while the colors will stay vibrant.

So good quality watercolor paper actually helps you to save money, to create a better painting and makes sure that you’re enjoying the process!!

And enjoying the process is what we want, right!?

My recommendations for watercolor paper:

  • 100% cotton watercolor paper
  • cold pressed watercolor paper
  • My favorite brands are Arches, Sauders Waterford and Canson Heritage.
Now that you know what paper you need let's move on to the other essential watercolor supplies you need to get started with watercolors in my video below!

Spoiler Alert

Now that you know what essential watercolor supplies you need, we’re going to talk about how to actually get back into painting, next week! Until then, don't forget to join my giveaway! ⤵

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