Would you love to do something for yourself but there is this voice inside that makes you feel guilty about it? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Now is the time to learn how to put guilt-free self-care back into your life through painting! 😉

The fact that you are here means that you’ve probably felt selfish or guilty for taking time for yourself. And you might’ve even apologized for doing it or you keep pushing it off because there is always something more important to do!

But let me tell you something:

If you feel tense and tired and/or have a hard time concentrating, taking some time for self-care is overdue!

You are too busy for that? Who on earth has time for a hobby? You don’t want to waste your time… on bringing joy into your life?

Deep down, we all know that self-care is something necessary for our physical and mental well-being. But why is it so hard for us to make the time for ourselves?

Let me show you how you can find joy and put self-care back into your life through painting without feeling guilty!

Now after watching my video and deciding to start with watercolors as your new creative hobby to bring self-care through painting into your life without feeling guilty, I have a little gift for you! 🥳

I created the “Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor Painting” and you can get it for free if you click here. It’ll help you set yourself up for a successful watercolor painting journey!

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