Being stuck in an artist's block is a real nightmare. You want to feel inspired again. You want this amazing new idea that you need to get down on paper as soon as possible. You want to pick up your brush, mix your watercolors and paint while losing track of time and getting lost in creativity. 

But you are stuck in your artist's block.

I can assure you that every single artist experiences creative blocks. We want to feel excited to create all the time but let's face the truth: This is not realistic.

Sometimes we don't even feel like picking up a paint brush at all and that is normal. Feeling uninspired does NOT mean that we are not good enough or our art is not good enough. 

Because inspiration doesn't make you a good artist, practice does.

Now if you think that inspiration is something that just happens to you, and that you have no control over, you are wrong! You can shape your life in a way that inspiration becomes a habit.

You'll feel confident picking up your supplies even when you don't wake up with a million ideas.

In my video below I'll share some simple tips with you to help you feel motivated to paint and get out of your artist's block.

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