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How to bake Polymer Clay – for Beginners

Hey everybody!  I got so many questions on how to bake polymer clay so I decided to make a short video about it. It covers what polymer clay actually is and why you have to bake it. I will show you what things you will need and some tips on the process! I hope you […]

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DIY: Rose Ring & Earrings

Hello everyone! Since I was in a Sailor Moon fever I wanted to do tons of Sailor Moon related DIYs but I got a request a couple of weeks ago on how to make a rose ring. So I thought I could combine Sailor Jupiter earring’s with the request! Now you can learn how to […]

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☾ Sailor Moon Bow Necklace ☽

Hello everyone! I’m a huuuuge Sailor Moon fan and Sailor Jupiter is actually my favourite Senshi (can’t you already that tell by my nickname? haha). After watching Sailor Moon videos the last days I got so inspired by the clothes and jewellery that they all wear that I HAD to recreate something related! My first try was […]

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DIY: Bookmarks + Giveaway

Hey everyone! It’s been a while! Finally I have a new tutorial for you. And not only one but 6 in 1! In this video I want to show you how to make 6 different bookmarks in 6 different ways! You can’t have enough of bookmarks, don’t you think? I always need something that I can […]

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Super Delicious Charms

Hey everyone! I have a new tutorial for you! And this time I want to show you how to make some m&m’s charms that you can use for necklaces, bracelets, earrings.. everything you want! It is actually really simple but I had a lot of fun making them so I wanted to share it with […]

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DIY: Cute Notepad

Man, it has been a while! I’m sorry for being away that long! Just moved to a new place and everything was too stressful to handle. But to that later! Finally I have a new tutorial for you guys! I hope enjoyed it! It would so awesome to see your creations! All you need is: […]

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DIY: Desk Organizer

Hey everyone! I’ve told you that I was planning to make tutorials and was working on a storyboard for my first video? Now here it is! It took me AGES to edit it. =_= The program crashed everytime and I always found mistakes. But it is finished! Yeahh! This is my first video so bear with me! […]

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DIY: Charmed Pencil Pouch

5 weeks until Christmas!!! Christmas songs, cookies, chocolate, candles….. Excited!  For all of you who are looking for a nice gift that is personal and hand-made here is a great idea! School started a couple of weeks ago but I bet there are people out there who desperately need a nice pencil pouch! So what do you think? […]

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