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Dreams & Walt Disney Inspirational Quote

I wanted to make a relaxing painting video for you guys showing cool painting tricks that you can use for creating unique results! I have listed all my materials and painting steps down below! Materials I have used: – Aquarell Watercolour Paper (Hahnemühle Fineart – Britannia 300g/m², rough, 24×32 cm / 9,4×12,6″) – MT Washi […]

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A Piece of A Puzzle

Sometimes having no idea what you should paint, can be the best idea ever. 🙂 Since some of my ideas didn’t work out as I wanted them to be, I decided I rather show you what I have learned from that instead of hiding it from you guys! I hope it inspires you a little […]

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Sometimes I have these ideas in my head that I want to realize as perfectly as I can. And whenever I have a new idea, I get very excited that I immediately want to start working on it. Recently spring and flowers really inspired me to create a painting, so I thought, to keep the painting […]

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The Power of Imagination

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~Napoleon Hill Even though my channel is full of DIY videos where I show you what you can make using simple things with just a few supplies to create cute and useful things, I also wanted to show you what greater thing everyone of you […]

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