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self-discipline – the easy way (and more!)

I wanted to share something with you that I’ve been using for about a month.
Some people are so busy with work or other stuff that they forget about the importance of eating and exercising!
They just have not enough time for that. But food and exercising are really necessary and important. Not only for your energy but also for your health. Especially if you want to be able to do things on your to-do-list or to be more balanced.

The website that I wanted to show you is and at first I was confused. But you shouldn’t! I will explain the basic things to you this website provides.

It helps you to monitor your daily food and exercising, your weight, your achievements. It sounds a little bit as if I want you to lose weight, but I don’t! You don’t need to be on a diet to use this site.
You can use it to look after your health and see it as a motivator for your challenges.
As I said before you can add challenges, goals and your daily routines. By adding food you ate through the day, you can see how much you need to eat to stay healthy and achieve goals you set at the beginning. How this website motivates you and trains your self-discipline I will tell you in the next paragraphs!

At first you submit your body facts like weight and your goals. Stuff this websites needs to provide the facts that you need to know.

So, let’s say you want a balanced and healthy life. After adding your body facts the website tells you what your body is burning everyday and how much you need to eat. Like carbs, fat, protein, calories. Some people don’t realise that they forget about eating important things on a daily basis and this site provides you an overview so you can always see “ah! Need more calories!” or “need more proteins!”

You basically add what you are eating the whole day and it doesn’t take much time. Just type in your food, how much you ate and the site tells you all the important things about it.
Moreover, you add how much you slept the last night, your workouts, how much water you drank. Therefore it always reminds you to drink 8 glasses a day!

You can also join challenges! For instance, to lose 5 kg or to run 100km on your cross trainer. After each session of your training you submit your distance you’ve walked or the loss of one kg in 2 weeks and you will see that you are getting closer and closer to your goal. And after you have achieved it, you win! You and the website celebrate your achievement and you can be proud of yourself!
Yes, this site trains your self-discipline!

The additional advantage is that this site is free! The cons are that, if you want more than just that, you have to pay. I’m using the free account and I’m happy with it but if you want to see how much vitamins you need to eat, how much fruits, veggies, etc. you have to upgrade. As well if you need a special eating plan, grocery list, personal trainer and so on. It starts with 5 dollars or so.

Use this site as your personal trainer and motivator! You can choose between workout plans (which you can adjust individually). tells you what you should do and you simply do it.
After you’re done, you type in your results – like how far you walked, how many crunches you did etc. and you get the burned calories in an instant! Motivate yourself to burn even more on the next day!

I have to say I’m a little bit addicted to this site because I like to submit my things and see my results. After my exercising I open my account, submit my achievements and am happy that I did it!
Sometimes it is really hard to motivate you to exercise and this site motivates you a lot.

Trust me – after you start it, you want to submit your results! You do those sit-ups or crunches, just to type them in!

You can always disable your account or set your submitted things on privet modus! No worries about that you are stuck with it!

I hope someone is interested in this site and I could help a little bit! If not, it’s okay!
I just wanted to remind you eat enough and exercise, if you work a lot behind your computer or in a sitting position!

Stay motivated and happyyyy!


When the world says – let us help

“When the world says ‘please let us help’, extraordinary things begin to happen.”

I’m sure I’m not telling you news, when I’m talking about the horrible situation in Japan. Also I’m not the first to tell you to help. You’re probably thinking – “There are enough people helping!” Sure, there are many people donating money or helping otherwise but there are a lot of people like you out there. Wondering if and how they can help and even if their help is needed.

Of course nobody forgot other countries suffering – neither did I! The people suffering from tragedies in other countries are being helped by many people donating money, building schools and providing medications to them.

Therefore each and every one of us should help – even just a little bit.
Regardless whether it is a rich or a poor country you decide to help.

Imagine this1 person, maybe you (or me) – donates 1 dollar to Red Cross. Sure it seems little if you compare it to superstars donating millions, but don’t stop imagining. We have your dollar, now 4,999 people decide to donate 1 dollar too and suddenly your little donation becomes a great total of 5000$! That’s a lot of money to help people in distress.

Now if you decide to donate more than this one dollar it can even add up to greater amounts of money being donated. You make a difference – you really do!

But to help does not always mean to donate (money or food or things, whatever). I understand that it’s not easy to spare money (or food or things) if you barely have them for yourself. Don’t feel bad and don’t judge people if they don’t donate.
It is voluntarily and it is good if you decide to do it, but it doesn’t make you a bad person if you don’t (because some people just can’t)

If you want to help and can’t or don’t want to donate – SPREAD THE WORD! I cannot stress this enough. There are a lot of people who don’t watch TV or read the newspapers; they probably don’t know anything about the situation in Japan (or any other Country)

Japan’s emergency services are struggling under freezing weather, lack of medicine and unsanitary conditions. These make survival a challenge!

“I’ve had an upset stomach ever since I’ve been here but they tell me there’s no medicine,” he says, pulling a blanket closer around him. “But the worst thing is the cold. It was minus four in here last night. I guess it will be the same again tonight.”

“I can’t sleep at night and I have bad dreams. And then during the day, there is the stress of all this,” she says, waving towards the floor-to-ceiling windows that look out across the devastated town. The school has become home to more than 1,000 local people whose houses were destroyed in the floods, even though the building was itself badly damaged.

“We have a slice of bread for breakfast, but I often give it to other people’s children because they are hungrier than me,” she said. “Otherwise, it’s just rice balls and tea.”

“I should probably eat. But I don’t think there’s anything left now. The doctors told us we should eat a little as often as we could to keep our strength up.”

I know we tend to forget about how lucky we are. We have a family, a home, a bed; we can go to school and learn. It is normal for us to take all these things for granted.

But the life you are used to can be gone in the blink of an eye. Life is precious and we shouldn’t forget that.

Let us help and encourage each other to make our world a better place.

Please visit these sites, if you want to help!

Strawberry Field

Today is such a beautiful day! I was so inspired to do something creative besides my crafting for my etsy shop. Therefore I took everything pretty I could find in my room to make beautiful photos! Those are not the best but I’m happy how they turned out!
Guess what this beautiful cabochons are waiting for!
As you can see I’ve used pink, green and white colours to create a pretty composition. It was very interesting to experiment how certain things can easily change the whole image!
Yummi yummi I got love in my tummy! ♪
Even though I was struggling with the lighting it was fun!
Get inspired by the beautiful weather and have a great day!

Simple things to cope with Negative People

Since I’m not sure where to post I’ve decided to post my last entry here, too!

Do you know negative people? The kind, that tries to push you down? Who say that the things you do are crap and it’s just a waste of time? People who – like me – want to live their dreams know what I’m talking about.
I’m not an expert in how to deal with every situation perfectly and always stay happy. But I’m learning and maybe together we could become very strong people some day who can handle everything!

Sometimes when I’m very sensitive or insecure because I’m feeling lost, I tend to listen to people who could easily affect me. Let’s say someone says that your activities are crap, your dreams are stupid and worthless, what would you do? You will probably be angry or sad.
You start asking yourself, whether this person may be right or not.

But you have to remember: it has nothing to do with you. You enjoy those things and love them. You have dreams you want to pursue. Why should someone take it away from you only because of a negative comment?

Try to stay positive about yourself. If someone wants to push you down, just ignore that.
Stay calm and laugh it away. You will see how baffled this person will be.

I know it is hard and you have to remind yourself but try it! Sometimes I’m weak, too. But that’s okay. We are human and we have feelings. But we always have to look after ourselves. We should be happy and live a happy life. Life is too short to waste our time with negative thoughts.

The next thing is how to stay happy and positive.Every person deals with situations differently. For instance, I love listening to music that builds me up. I love watching people on youtube. I love reading articles about people I like. These things build me up and motivate me.
Sometimes I’m in a bad mood and every person could literally upset me because I’m frustrated. Then I start listening to music and watch some videos and I begin to feel better.
I put myself into good humour and nothing could affect me. I build a wall of happiness that shines.

One thing we always forget is that people who push us down are like obstacles we have to overcome in life. We have to find a way to get through it. It could be strangers or best friends. But instead of hate them you actually could help them by shining with our positive energy and happiness!

For example people at your school or acquaintances, who don’t believe in you. Do they really affect your mind that much? Can they really make you wanting to stop yourself? Maybe you have a dream and those people try to push you down by saying that you will never make it, or that you will fail. Do you really want to listen to these people? You have better things to do. As well as your best friends – even close friends can be negative and sometimes it’s your job to shine on them.

But don’t try to fix them. It’s not your fault that they are negative. Focus on your things and life. It’s right to help but you will be only drained and that’s not what you want.

Do you have other tips to overcome negative people? How do YOU handle such situations?

Let’s shine!


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