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5 Minutes Polymer Clay Challenge!!

Hey everyone!I really wanted to try out something new on my channel and decided to make a fun polymer clay TAG. It’s called “5 Minutes Polymer Clay” where you have to make a charm in just 5 minutes! Since I wanted to make something more difficult I decided to make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle but […]

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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living #2

{ Source: digibuddhaArtPrints } I think almost everyone wants to have a special formula to solve problems. And this time Dale Carnegie shares one method with us that he discovered on his journey finding solutions for worry. There isn’t a magic trick behind it, but this method can help you to overcome worry and stay calm. He […]

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Dreams, Life, Happiness – 2012

Aoi Miyazaki Okay, after procrastination the whole week and after watching lots of Sailor Moon openings and transformations, I think I’m finally ready to write a blog-post I wanted to write the last days… Almost 2012! Time is flying so fast, doesn’t it? And a lot of people start to think about their resolutions and what […]

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Finding Happiness and Self-belief

I’ve noticed that there are so many people who are struggling with themselves. They are discouraged to follow their dreams due to the lack of sales in their shops or are just negative about themselves because other people always tell them that their dreams are just stupid and that they will never make it. Of course […]

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self-discipline – the easy way (and more!)

I wanted to share something with you that I’ve been using for about a month. Some people are so busy with work or other stuff that they forget about the importance of eating and exercising! They just have not enough time for that. But food and exercising are really necessary and important. Not only for […]

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When the world says – let us help

“When the world says ‘please let us help’, extraordinary things begin to happen.” I’m sure I’m not telling you news, when I’m talking about the horrible situation in Japan. Also I’m not the first to tell you to help. You’re probably thinking – “There are enough people helping!” Sure, there are many people donating money […]

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Strawberry Field

Today is such a beautiful day! I was so inspired to do something creative besides my crafting for my etsy shop. Therefore I took everything pretty I could find in my room to make beautiful photos! Those are not the best but I’m happy how they turned out! Guess what this beautiful cabochons are waiting […]

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