I wanted to share something with you that I've been using for about a month.
Some people are so busy with work or other stuff that they forget about the importance of eating and exercising!
They just have not enough time for that. But food and exercising are really necessary and important. Not only for your energy but also for your health. Especially if you want to be able to do things on your to-do-list or to be more balanced.
The website that I wanted to show you is DailyBurn.com and at first I was confused. But you shouldn't! I will explain the basic things to you this website provides.
It helps you to monitor your daily food and exercising, your weight, your achievements. It sounds a little bit as if I want you to lose weight, but I don't! You don't need to be on a diet to use this site.
You can use it to look after your health and see it as a motivator for your challenges.
As I said before you can add challenges, goals and your daily routines. By adding food you ate through the day, you can see how much you need to eat to stay healthy and achieve goals you set at the beginning. How this website motivates you and trains your self-discipline I will tell you in the next paragraphs!
At first you submit your body facts like weight and your goals. Stuff this websites needs to provide the facts that you need to know.
So, let's say you want a balanced and healthy life. After adding your body facts the website tells you what your body is burning everyday and how much you need to eat. Like carbs, fat, protein, calories. Some people don't realise that they forget about eating important things on a daily basis and this site provides you an overview so you can always see “ah! Need more calories!” or “need more proteins!”
You basically add what you are eating the whole day and it doesn’t take much time. Just type in your food, how much you ate and the site tells you all the important things about it.
Moreover, you add how much you slept the last night, your workouts, how much water you drank. Therefore it always reminds you to drink 8 glasses a day!

You can also join challenges! For instance, to lose 5 kg or to run 100km on your cross trainer. After each session of your training you submit your distance you've walked or the loss of one kg in 2 weeks and you will see that you are getting closer and closer to your goal. And after you have achieved it, you win! You and the website celebrate your achievement and you can be proud of yourself!
Yes, this site trains your self-discipline!
The additional advantage is that this site is free! The cons are that, if you want more than just that, you have to pay. I'm using the free account and I'm happy with it but if you want to see how much vitamins you need to eat, how much fruits, veggies, etc. you have to upgrade. As well if you need a special eating plan, grocery list, personal trainer and so on. It starts with 5 dollars or so.

Use this site as your personal trainer and motivator! You can choose between workout plans (which you can adjust individually). Dailyburn.com tells you what you should do and you simply do it.
After you're done, you type in your results – like how far you walked, how many crunches you did etc. and you get the burned calories in an instant! Motivate yourself to burn even more on the next day!

I have to say I'm a little bit addicted to this site because I like to submit my things and see my results. After my exercising I open my account, submit my achievements and am happy that I did it!
Sometimes it is really hard to motivate you to exercise and this site motivates you a lot.

Trust me – after you start it, you want to submit your results! You do those sit-ups or crunches, just to type them in!

You can always disable your account or set your submitted things on privet modus! No worries about that you are stuck with it!

I hope someone is interested in this site and I could help a little bit! If not, it's okay!
I just wanted to remind you eat enough and exercise, if you work a lot behind your computer or in a sitting position!

Stay motivated and happyyyy!