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Our today's featured artist is misskukie! Let's get to know her better and let yourself be inspired!

Tell us a bit about yourself!
Is there a specific design style that you really like?
I don’t think that women generally stick to just one specific type of jewellery. It probably all depends on the mood and occasion. Besides the choice these days is so overwhelming it would be a shame to stick to just one designer or type of jewellery.
Personally most of the jewellery I now wear is my own, apart from some truly amazing rings I purchased from the new Swarovski collection. The pieces I create are only going to see the light of day if I truly love it and would wear myself. If you don’t believe and admire your own items how can you expect anyone else to? 
How do you describe what you do and why are you doing what you do?
I create jewellery that will complement and enhance a woman’s features and fashions.
look at me!

Tell us about your shop!
How do you describe what you do and why are you doing what you do?
Colour plays an important part in my design process. Some pieces are an explosion of bold colours, others are subtle with minimal pastel colourings.
Generally there is no applied method of work, the end design just comes to mind as and when. Sometimes I have days where no ideas flow through my head and then there are days where I work non-stop and end up creating 10 new pieces of jewellery! Having said that, not all designs will make it on the website, sometimes it takes reflecting and coming to the conclusion that the design is not good enough or needs changing.

What 5 words best describes your aesthetic
Feminine, Electric, Vogue, Elegant, Sensual

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What is about your shop that is unique? What makes your shop different?
When I first started playing around with the idea of making jewellery, the intention was to create pieces only for personal use. Like most of us women, we like to have a wide variety of fashion items, whether it’s clothes, shoes or accessories such as jewellery. For me, I wanted jewellery that reflected not only the occasion but also my mood. Feminine, sexy, elegant, posh, playful, unique, exciting, electric and so on you name it.  
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What’s your story & why should I buy from you?
I have no formal design education linking me to jewellery or fashion. But I always had creativity in me and this is what it comes down to in the end. You can perfect your techniques, learn and acquire new skills but if you’re not creatively minded you will not be able to come up with your own ideas.
I started playing around with beads at pre-teen age. Various family members around me were creatively engaged and that is how I got a continued taste for myself. My mum used to make brooches with fimo and my aunt travelled to
South Africa to buy semi-precious stone for her jewellery making.
Of course I would like to make a reasonably comfortable living from selling my jewellery, but even if it doesn’t take off, I will still continue creating for my friends and family and myself. I love what I do and hope in time I will be able to reach enough people who like my jewellery too.

look at me!
What event or need causes them to search for what you offer? Which problem do you solve?
I would like to think that my range (even though small) caters for a large and versatile target audience. I design and create jewellery that is playful and casual for everyday use, some jewellery you could say is bridal and other is simply electric and sparkly for special occasions or a night out.
If someone was to very much like a design however needs to alter perhaps the colour of the stone etc. I would certainly try and accommodate the customers’ needs as much as possible.

What is your message? When your audience sees your brand, what is the primary message you want the brand to convey?

The idea behind misskukie was to create feminine fine jewellery that doesn’t need to necessarily cost the world. I hope when women wear my pieces they feel beautiful and elegant and unique in the way that no one else will have the exact replica of their jewellery.
There is nothing worse than dressing up and feeling fabulous in what you are wearing only to see someone else wear the exact same thing!