Our today's featured artist is Britt aka ideology! Let's get to know her better and let yourself be inspired!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

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What is your background?

I am a long time artist and lover of the many arts. I strongly appreciate creativity and a desire to make something out of ones own mind and hands. I have studied arts of various kinds throughout the years, and I went into jewelry making because I enjoy the fact that one can wear a handmade creation for all to see. I work as a freelance writer as my main gig, but being creative, most often through the forms of jewelry creation, painting, and drawing is a strong passion of mine that I try to make as much time for as I can. Just like in my paintings, you can see in my jewelry that I love colors and varying combinations of them.

What hobbies or interests do you have? What interests and activities do you enjoy outside of your niche?

Along with jewelry making, painting, and drawing, I also enjoy learning, discovering new ways to put creativity into my life, staying active, and supporting for animal, human, and environmental rights. I enjoy going to see live music, going to music and arts festivals, supporting local and independent businesses (such as shops, cafes, restaurants, etc.), and exploring the outdoors, as well as cities.

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Is there a specific design style that you really like?

I really enjoy abstract art and creations, as well as using bright, bold, and neon colors, as well as varying combinations of colors and shades, in my creations. I find an appreciation for nearly all design styles, however I'm often most drawn to abstract and bold styles. I think my creations can fit into varying design styles from minimalist to modern, that will suit my audience.

What drives you?

My passion for keeping creativity in my life at all times and to make objects that people will have an appreciation for drives me. I feel, as though, creativity lets me bring out many emotions and is a great release of energy for me. I am at some of my happiest times when I create. It gives me pleasure in knowing I can make something from my own hands that others will enjoy, as well.

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What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about the arts, creativity, animal, human, and environmental rights, and self-expression. Knowing that I can have an effect on others and on the world around me motivates me to take action. I feel passionate about my creations and my abilities, so whenever I make something, there's always energy and emotions going into anything I make.

Why did you choose your career / niche / topic / market?

I choose jewelry making because I like that you can make handmade creations that people can wear and can be seen and appreciated by others. I feel very passionate about it, and I'm looking forward to build my own brand around my creations, as I learn more about myself and my styles.

What are your goals?

I want to continue to make jewelry, focus more energy into painting, learn more about the styles I appreciate and enjoy, and discover more of my capabilities. My designs continue to evolve, as I learn more ways to be creative and more about my desires and passions.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
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In 5 years, I hope to be making a full time living off of my creations and to be doing more to support animal, human, and environmental rights.

Tell us about your shop:
How do you describe what you do and why are you doing what you do?

I am trying to live as creatively as possible and to discover what similar interests and passions I share with others through my art and creations.

What difference do you want to make in this field?

I want to show others that you can show your own style through the creativity of others.

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Describe your ideal customer & the world they inhabit.

My ideal customer would be somebody who appreciates handmade goods, creativity, and passion, and who believes in the importance of enjoying life, the earth, people and all we can learn from them. This helps me to make jewelry that others will enjoy just as much as I do. I know that much of my audience is also passionate about creativity, self-expression, and discovering more about themselves and others through art.

What do you want to be known for in your business?

I want to be known as a creator who has a passion for life, self-expression, and discovering things about oneself through creativity.

What 5 words best describes your aesthetic?
  • abstract
  • bold
  • unique
  • captivating
  • delightful
What is about your shop that is unique?

My shop is unique in that it has something that any person can find an appreciation for – people of any gender, any age, and from any walk of life. Each of the pieces of me that make me unique have led me to have a strong desire to create for others and for myself. By connecting with others through my creations and similar passions we share, I can build a brand that brings people together and allows people to discover more about themselves and others.

What’s your story & why should I buy from you?

As someone who wasn't raised in a traditional household but was lead to discover the many facets of myself through surprising experiences and people, I feel as though I have a strong desire to help others discover more about themselves and the world around them. I am incredibly passionate about animal, human, and environmental rights, and my art helps me to support those causes by connecting with others and finding out what brings us together and what common beliefs we share.

look at me!

What event or need causes them to search for what you offer?

People likely search for what I offer because they want something that is made by an individual, as opposed to a factory, and that fits in with their style and their desires for self-expression through mutual creativity. I make jewelry that can be used for almost any occasion, from casual to formal and from neutral to bold.

What is your message?

I want people to see that I create because it helps me to express myself and through my creations, other people can express themselves, as well. I want people to feel delighted by having found jewelry that connects their style and passions together.