Today I wanted to introduce you to the lovely Windowfog! Her shop offers handmade string dolls and origami garlands. These dolls aren't just made of string – they are made of just a single thread that she carefully turns into a cute string ornament.

One of her more popular items is her cute Octo string doll that has already made a lot of people happy (like me!). And because Octo is thrilled to know about other cultures, he wants to travel around the world to learn about other countries and eat delicious food! In the process, he will take a looot of pictures which he will share with you – of course! 

And that's where the “Octo Studies Abroad” ACEO series begins..

What makes these photographs so special is that they are all one of a kind ACEOs.

ACEO stands for “Art Cards, Editions and Originals“. All ACEO cards measure 3.5 in. x 2.5 in. (8,9 x 6,4 cm) – the size of a trading card. In this case, they are little pieces of original art that can be traded, collected, or framed to brighten up a room.

And because Octo and Windowfog will now be adding ACEOs to her shop, she has a little surprise for you!

Next week you will all get a chance to win one of these cute ACEO cards! And there might even be more than one winner!

It will be pretty easy to win so stay tuned for more informationIn the meantime, take a peek at the cards on the official Windowfog Facebook page!

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So look forward to my next blog post!