100ThemeChallenge – Variation 1 – Introduction

Hello everyone! It has been awhile! My last post (before my random fimo haul…) was 2 months ago.. how time flies, doesn’t it? How are your resolutions going so far? I actually had just 2 resolutions as you can read in my last post: to be stronger and live in day-tight compartments. Since I started going to university […]

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Windowfog presents: Octo’s ACEO Adventures

Today I wanted to introduce you to the lovely Windowfog! Her shop offers handmade string dolls and origami garlands. These dolls aren’t just made of string – they are made of just a single thread that she carefully turns into a cute string ornament. One of her more popular items is her cute Octo string doll that has already made a […]

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illustration friday

I wanted to start something new and creative. Since I’m following illustration friday for a couple of weeks I always wanted to participate in order to paint/draw more and be creative!  This time the friday’s topic was “swept”. This card wasn’t supposed to be for this topic but I have actually found a nice quote that fits perfectly to […]

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ATC – Totoro and Tuxedo Mask

“To-to-ro? You’re Totoro!… I bet you’re Totoro…” This was my first trade with the lovely windowfog! Because of her I started drawing again! I really missed it. Nevertheless these are my cards I painted for her. ^__^ I’m SOO excited to get my cards!!!!! Can’t wait!  Totoro and Octo. Say hello! “When you’re uncertain or worried, […]

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Aceo (First attempt)

I have never heard about ACEO or ATC before I was introduced to it and that’s a shame! This is basically about small cards with original paintings you can trade with other people! I have never traded cards or anything besides my Sailor Moon and Pokemon stickers back then in my elementary school… But it is so […]

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