Hey everyone! 
Is it as hot as here where you are? X_X This heat kills me! A couple of hours outside and I'm dead! I hope it will get a little bit colder in the next weeks~
I just wanted to introduce you to my new project I was working on in the last weeks. It took me ages to get everything I needed. But when I was finished with my first item I was so excited about listing it as soon as possible that I just listed and never talked about it!
Alright! Let me introduce you to my new original hand painted necklaces!
The whole idea started when I was struggling with my shop. I was so into painting and other ideas at that time that I neglected my whole jewellery collection. I wanted to make my shop more personal and put more things I can identify myself with but it was just hard for me, I don't know why. But my friend Windowfog gave me a great idea! I could combine my paintings with my jewellery. Due to the fact that I prefer lockets in every shape and sizes I wanted to use lockets for my paintings! And here they are!

(My butterfly obsession is not to overlook….)
As you can see my variety is little but I'm working on new motifs right now so stay tuned!
Follow me on this blog or on twitter, if you like these necklaces and are interested in more! Ideas are very welcome, too!

Oh, and don't forget to check out Windowfog's shop! She has new original hand painted ACEOs that are TOO adorable. You don't want to miss it!

Alright, time for a little bit Team Fortess 2!

Have a wonderful evening everyone!