Shop Update

These are my new creations for my shop! I did these a couple of weeks ago but I was not quiet sure whether I should list them or not. But after some time I actually loved them!

This locket was inspired by Sherlock Holmes (as you can see, haha…)! After visiting The Sherlock Holmes Museum at the 221b Baker Street in London last year I was inspired by him ever since. I was thinking about what I could create inspired by him and his adventures. And since I’m working with lockets and jewellery right now a nice Sherlock Holmes locket was a good thing!

As I said in a previous post I LOVE poppies! They are one of my favourite flowers. I was not sure whether I should paint a couple of poppies or just one. But I think one looks more romantic and simple to me.

I hope you like them too!



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    July 17, 2011

    Ah, so that's the reason behind the Sherlock locket! I have to add that to my list of must-visit places.

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    July 17, 2011

    You should! *__*
    There is a fan-shop right at the end of his house and it so amazing!!! Lots of great stuff and…… ohh it was so cool there!! And yes, this museum is really great. It is like the real house with real things. As if he really lived there! Have to visit this place again!

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