What is MicroGlaze?

Micro Glaze by Judikins is the easiest way to protect your ink and paper.
It not only protects it from water but also from air and oxidation. It can be used basically on every surface: paper, metal, wood and other materials and it protects ink, dyes, paints, acrylic, watercolours and ink jet printing. It also has a nice fluffy and soft wax consistence that is easy to work with.

  • Not visible 

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Acid free
How do I use MicroGlaze?
First your ink has to be fully dry. If not you could smudge it very easily and ruin your whole painting.

Now apply a little bit of MicroGlaze on your paper like you would colour in an area. A lot of people use their fingers for applying but I actually use an old brush. Just wash it very well to remove the wax and oil and your brush is fine again!
Apply a thin layer in the same direction and let it dry. Now your paper + ink are sealed! 

If you want to give it even more protection, add a second or third layer and let it dry again. The glaze should be invisible now. If not, dab it with your brush/finger/tissue very carefully to set the rest of the glaze.
But don't use too much! It can make your paper make/look wet. Make sure the glaze is fully dry since the texture is very oily.

Where can I use it?
You can use it everywhere and for everything! For calligraphy, cards, mail art, for protecting injekt printed paper or watercolour. 
Check out this site for more details on where you can use it.

Where can I get it and how much does it cost?
You can get it actually everywhere. On Etsy, Ebay, arts and crafts stores. I got my glaze from an Etsy shop. And it was about $8.

My Experience with it:
When I received this glaze the first time and opened it I was a little bit surprised. I was expecting something liquid. Like a glaze usually is! But it was a wax consistence that was very fluffy and soft.
I applied it on a watercolour painting I prepared and let it dry. After a while I did a super ultra waterproof check! I accidentally poured my tea all over my table where all my painting were…

And guess what! My picture that I coated with MicroGlaze was okay and in a perfect shape! The painting was literally swimming in my tea and the colours didn't bleed at all! Apart from my uncoated ones. They were all ruined.

I really like this glaze because it really protects the paper and ink from water. You can pour water on it and the protected surface works like a lotus effect. Really cool! 
But in my experience it doesn't seem to give a complete protection from resin. I used Ice Resin and it ruined my paper every time. My paper got a lot of wet spots here and there. I couldn't figure out why but maybe someone has a solution! 
The good thing is it works perfectly fine with Diamond Glaze! 

Who would you recommend it to?
I can definitely recommend it to people who wants to protect their painting/ink from water. It works really well. This glaze will also last very looong since you always need just a little bit of it!
It contains paraffinic oils and waxes therefore it is not recommend for use by children.


  • Invisible
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Acid free
  • Great protection from water
  • You need just a little bit of it
  • Easy to work with
  • Lasts very long
I hope this review could help someone!


  • May not offer full protection from certain resins