I slowly add some new hand painted lockets to my shop. It is just hard to get good photos because of all the raining here! But it doesn't stop me at all!

People who know my obsession with Sailor Moon know that my name came from Makoto Kino (Lita Kino in English, seriously??) And I loove Sailor Jupiter. I wish I could be a Sailor Senshi… but in my head I am! Yes yes… 
This time I was thinking about sunsets. We have such beautiful sunsets here that I could take pictures everyday! Maybe I should do that and share them with you sometime. And since I love Ferris wheel (from the outside…) I thought it would be a good motif for a locket! You can't probably see it in this picture but there are little gold sparkles in it so it get a lovely dreamy effect! (and it happened just accidentally…)

Since I had a lot of resin left I thought maybe I could use it for some new ideas… Yes! Welcome back, little friends!
I'm not sure how my new cell phone straps or charms with bottles will look like at the end but I thought of some lucky charms! Yes, they have small bells!
And I have so many bottles left that I wanted to use in the near future. Excited! Yes, I missed them!

This an old gift idea for Valentine's Day and other lovely occasions where you want to spread love!
Alright, tomorrow is a new week and a new day. I hope you all have a great start!