I got my fimo order today! Yay! I bought them online this time because everytime I go shopping for craft supplies, the prizes are just crazy and I want to buy everything. x_x Therefore I've found a nice deal online and here it is! I picked these colours because I didn't have them or because I used them up. I think the colours are really pretty especially for spring and summer, don't you think? Can't wait to create something with it! 
Do you have a favourite colour for spring? I think my favourite one is lavender!
These colours really remind me of this spring collection:
Just found it while I was looking for spring and summer colours. I like pastel tones!

I think this collection is really pretty! I'm not a girly girl but sometimes I love try out some nail-polishes or makeup that suits the season or my type. And this colours can me worn by everyone! (The polish choice is really nice!)

(# 62) lavendel | (# 61) purple | (# 22) raspberry 

(#43) flesh light | (#22) raspberry | (#39) peppermint 

I got these nice bottles from my friend in Austria! There are more of them with another content, too! The cabochons are from an online store. I already used some of them for my lockets!
I'm so excited! It is just sad that there are just 56g in each package. =( So I always have to use my fimo very sparingly.
But nevertheless, I hope everyone has a nice day!