Hello everyone!
It has been awhile! My last post (before my random fimo haul…) was 2 months ago.. how time flies, doesn't it? How are your resolutions going so far? I actually had just 2 resolutions as you can read in my last post: to be stronger and live in day-tight compartments.
Since I started going to university a couple months ago, I had to study a lot for my exams and thought “oh crap, there is so much to do”. But I always tried to remind me that I just have to do one task at a time. One topic at a time. So it really worked out! I had everything done by the time of my exams and was more confident.
Now I have holidays and my to-do list is already crazily (what a word, haha!) full… But this time I will try not get stressed and do one task at a time! Since I had less time for my hobbies and tried to manage university and my shop, I finally have more time to work on projects and other stuff!
First of all there is this 100ThemeChallenge on deviantart that I wanted to participated in like for years! Basically you have 100 themes within 5 variations. So you choose one variation with topics you like and create something for it! I chose variation #1 because I like the themes most but maybe I will do the others too, someday.
My first topic is “Introduction” and somehow I've found this quote that actually fit quite well to my theme!

As my mother used to say: “Mimic a duck act calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like crazy underneath.”

I feel so uncreative the last weeks so I hope this challenge will challenge me and inspire me! I'm also working on other posts and projects, so stay tuned!