Finally I have some new items to share! Still working on hand painted necklaces but this time I can show you some of my new small pocket watches I listed today in my shop! They are very limited because I'm not sure whether someone likes it or not but we will see!
I'm really excited about these watches because I didn't expect them to look so pretty. Unfortunately the pictures cannot show the whole beauty of them. =( 
I also bought a camcorder a couple of days ago and I film almost EVERYTHING I can find. “Ohh, I have to film this” – “I have to film that”, every time… My plan was to film tutorials and updates and I'm so nervous… You know how you want to start something that seems so exciting and great in your head and you just don't want to mess up in real-life? Happens to me. Therefore I started to work on a storyboard of my first tutorial. I hope I don't mess it up! Finger crossed. And the more you do something the more you improve, right? 
The last thing I want to show you is a beautiful treasury I was featured in. Isn't it lovely?
I Know It is Spring When… 

Have a nice weekend everyone!