25 Cold Weather Essentials – Survival Kit

Hey everyone!
Since its getting colder and colder outside, you will need a few things that will keep you warm and safe during the season! 
In this video I will show you some essentials for your bag, beauty and your home!
I hope it is helpful for you!

Things mentioned in the video:

Essentials for the Handbag:

1. Lip Balm
2. Throat Drops
3. Vitamin C
4. Nose spray
5. Tissue
6. Hand Sanitizer
7. Hand Moisturiser
8. Reusable Instant Hand Warmer Patches
9. Brush
10. Pocket Mirror
11. Umbrella

Beauty Essentials:

12. Hair Care
13. Facial Moisturiser
14. Body Cream/Butter
15. Sunscreen
16. Water

Clothes Essentials:

17. Woollen Hat
18. Scarf
19. Sweater/Cardigan
20. Gloves/Wrist Warmers
     Socks, Boots, Coat


21. Candles
22. Hot Chocolate / Tea
23. Flash-light
24. Books
25. Home-made Apple Chips

This is just a list of the things I think are important, if you have other things you would like to share with everyone, feel free to comment down below!

Have a great day everyone!


October 14, 2013
December 22, 2013


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    February 25, 2014

    I'm so horrible at keeping up with people's websites… So my reply to this is really late, but… haha, it's so exciting to see the wrist warmers in one of your videos! Your winter gloves are actually similar to mine, double layered? Although mine are a different color.

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