Makoccino’s Channel Party Contest 2015 Winners

Hey everyone!I have finally chosen the winners of my channel party contest 2015! I hope you enjoyed it! Next time I will have giveaways/contests off YouTube so everyone can participate! Main Prize #2 + 4 Goodies go to: Silvuke9 Main Prize #3 + 5 Goodies go to: hasipurzel Congratulations to all the winners! Everyone wanted […]

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25 Cold Weather Essentials – Survival Kit

Hey everyone! Since its getting colder and colder outside, you will need a few things that will keep you warm and safe during the season!  In this video I will show you some essentials for your bag, beauty and your home! I hope it is helpful for you! Things mentioned in the video: Essentials for […]

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Contest Time! International Music Day

On October first there will be the international music day! The aim is to create a global atmosphere of music – a day to celebrate art! So if you want to be a part of it, let’s celebrate this day together through this contest! ~~~~~~~Rules~~~~~~ – Topic: Music – You can submit anything music related […]

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Giveaway Time

After re-uploading my giveaway video, I can finally share it with my followers here as well! As promised here is a huuuge giveaway for everyone! This giveaway is international and there will be 3 winners chosen randomly! Rules: – Tell me what is your favourite song or songs (with the artist) to start a day/week or a song that […]

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Welcome Octo!

Octo has finally arrived in Germany!!  He had a tough flight from Maryland, USA so he looks a little bit messy and confused..  At first he was too shy and tired to take pictures but I could convince him! Sadly it was a rainy and sticky weather so he had to to take off his cute […]

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