Hey guys! Today I will show you how to make rock candy! You can use it when you drink coffee and tea or you can gift it to someone as a present! It's easy and fun to make, you just need to be patient and have fun experimenting! 
Things you will need:
-1 Cup of water
– 3,5 cups of sugar
The ratio should be about 1:3 when you use other measurements!
– Food colouring
– Jars
– Lollipop sticks/skewers 
– Clothes pins

Tips for best results:

#1 Make sure the sugar on the skewer is fully dry!
What I've learned from experimenting is that it's really important that the sugar on the skewer is fully dry. If it's not, the sugar coating will fall off and the new crystals will have nothing to grow on. You can also end up with a glass full of sugar crystals and the skewers will get stuck to crystals that are growing on the bottom of the jar and you won't be able to remove the skewers without breaking anything!
To make sure the sugar is dry, you can prepare them the day before and use water instead of sugar liquid for example. I placed the coated skewers over my heating on some paper and let it dry. Then I rubbed off the excess sugar very carefully to make sure I remove everything that didn't stick to the skewer.
#2 You can boil the liquid again & add more sugar, if nothing is happening
You can add more sugar if you didn't have enough or add more water to avoid any left over crystals!
#3 Remove the hard pieces of sugar off the top & transfer the liquid into a new clean jar
If the crystals are growing on the skewers but the surface is full of crystals as well, you can remove the top and pour the liquid into a new clean jar and then place the skewers back into the jar!
If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below!
I hope you like this DIY and find it helpful!
If you are going to recreate this DIY, make sure to share pictures with me on Twitter or Facebook or tag me on Instagram!
Have a wonderful day everyone!