Every year I think about what gift video I can make for mother’s day. And every year I face the same exact problem, that I have no idea. 
And it’s not because I'm a bad person that doesn't gift anything to her mum on mother’s day. I used to create gifts when I was a kid since we were kinda expected that in school but it still felt somehow weird to us (mum and me). 
And since I moved out of my parents home we started this tradition that I visit them every Sunday. And since then I felt like we were spending real quality time together. I realised that it also helped us to develop a friendship that I now consider us friends as well. 
Usually when you live with your parents, you easily take the time for granted that you neglect things like that and I think that spending time consciously with your mum or just with your parents in general is far more rewarding than any gift you can make. You can do things you both like and eat food that brings back memories from your childhood or you can go visit places or go to a theatre. 
I think that experiencing things and being able to create memories together is a gift itself.
I hope you like this video! 🙂

Have a wonderful day everyone!