I wanted to make a relaxing painting video for you guys showing cool painting tricks that you can use for creating unique results! I have listed all my materials and painting steps down below!

Materials I have used:
– Aquarell Watercolour Paper (Hahnemühle Fineart – Britannia 300g/m², rough, 24×32 cm / 9,4×12,6″)
– MT Washi Tape
– Faber-Castell 2 1/2 HB
– Solo Goya Mask Paint for Acrylic and Aquarell
– Schmincke Watercolours
– da Vinci Junior Synthetics Brush (10)
– Rubbing Alcohol
– Solo Goya Triton Acrylic Paint in White
– Staedtler pigment liner 0.3
– Schneider Permanent Marker 1-3 mm

About the painting process:
  • I started with drawing a castle onto my watercolour paper. As a reference I used a silhouette picture of the castle that I found online. Then I created an outline with masking fluid. This will hold the wet colours in place and you don't have to worry about guidelines!
  • After the fluid was dry, I went ahead and added water to the paper for the wet on wet effect. This way you can create beautiful colour transitions!
  • Start with light colours! This way you can build up the colour intensity and also create beautiful layers!
  • To create the bubble effect, I used robbing alcohol. First I created one layer and let the colour dry, then added more colour. When the colour is still wet, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol on top! Be sure to wait for each layer to be dry before repeating this step!
  • Whenever I started with a new layer of colour, I tried to make the colours always darker then the last layer. This way when you add rubbing alcohol, the lighter layer will show up and create a pretty pattern!
  • I did that a few times, until I was happy with the dark shades of colours!
  • Then I just dripped different shades of colours to create splashes of colour!
  • Since I always wanted to add a text onto the painting, I wrote the letters with acrylic paint and then wrote it again with a dark marker, so the quote was more visible.

I kinda preferred the painting without the quote to be honest, but I think without it might have looked a bit empty! You can add any colour you like of course! I didn't really think about what colour I should use, everything happened spontaneously!

I hope you enjoy this painting process! If you have any requests for other painting videos, feel free to comment down below and let me know what you would like to see in the future!
Have a wonderful day everyone!