Hey guys! This video is all about DIY Bookmarks & Watercolor DIY Techniques for Beginners! Perfect for book lovers & for Back to School! I will show you how to make Watercolor Bookmarks using different Watercolor Painting Techniques & Watercolor Hacks to keep this Watercolor Tutorial easy!


In this DIY Bookmark video I will show you 6 DIY watercolor bookmark design ideas using different watercolor techniques and watercolor hacks such as rubbing alcohol, salt, plastic wrap, (white ink) pens, rice and masking fluid to create beautiful abstract DIY watercolor paintings as bookmarks!

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#1 Watercolor Technique: Plastic Wrap/Cling
For the first watercolor technique you need plastic wrap! Add paint in the color of your choice to the wet paper and make it run into each other. While the paint is still wet, place the plastic wrap on top and press it down. Move the folds around to create a unique design. Before you can remove the foil, let it completely dry. When you remove it, you will get a unique and abstract watercolor painting!
#2 Watercolor Technique: Rice
Using rice is another great watercolor technique. First create any watercolor design you like. Here I created a gradient ombre effect using a flat brush and distributed red paint starting at the top while moving downwards and washing the brush a little bit. While the paint is still wet, place the rice on top. The rice will soak up the water and create a really interesting pattern!
#3 Watercolor Technique: Salt
For the next watercolor design use salt and sprinkle it over your wet painting little by little! The salt will do magic! Don't add to much! Play around with the amount! Let the painting dry and then remove the salt! And you get a beautiful, frosty looking watercolor painting!
#4 Watercolor Technique: Masking Fluid
Using masking fluid is another great watercolor technique for beginners! With a brush apply the fluid around the outline of your image or on top to add details! Let it dry and then you can paint! The masking fluid will protect the paper from the paint. So when the painting is dry, you can rub or peel it off and these areas will be white! Using masking fluid is great because you don't have to worry painting inside the line and you can just let the paint swim around!
#5 Watercolor Technique: Rubbing Alcohol
Another watercolor technique is using rubbing alcohol! Add paint to the paper to create a design you like and then drop the alcohol on top. This way you create unique circle designs! Make sure the paint is not too wet or the circles that the alcohol creates, will swim back!
#6 Watercolor Technique: White Ink Pen
I love using white ink pens with watercolor paintings. Draw over any painting you created and create any design you like! Be sure to get a pen that is visible on darker colours!

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