Hey guys!
Today I'm going to show you how to make easy melt & pour emoji soap, but also how to make soap with your favourite image/photo of something you like!
Full list of things you will need
– Clear glycerin soap base (that has no oils in it to avoid a yellow cast and clouding in the end. We want the transparent soap as clear as possible)
– White glycerin soap base
– Moulds in the shape of your choice (Local Craft Store)
– Rubbing alcohol with at least 90% alcohol in it (German Ebay)
– Measuring cup http://amzn.to/1D8wfOM
– Soap colorants (optional)
– Soap fragrance
– Water soluble paper http://amzn.to/1MOyoEZ *
Here I'm using sulky's water soluble paper that can be used with ink-jet printers but there are different brands that sell this type of paper so be sure to read their instructions before using it with your printer!
Images I have used
For the size I used the measurements of my moulds and paper. So you might need to adjust everything so it fits your paper and moulds!
Tips & Tricks
– I have tried different techniques and this one worked for me. When I waited for the clear layer to fully harden and then placed the image on top, no matter what, I still had too many bubbles underneath the picture. When I placed the picture right into the liquid clear layer, the image floated too much or sank. It also ruined a little bit the colours.
– Make sure the image you place on top of the first layer is fully wet afterwards. Spray on some more rubbing alcohol on top if it's not fully soaked in yet.
– When you placed the image on top of the clear layer, wait for it to fully harden, as the next layer could melt the top area and the white soap will sink through.
– Don't put the soap into the fridge!! I thought this way I can prevent the soap from sweating and help it to fully harden faster, but it actually just ruined the colours of the image! Everything turned blurry and the colours started to bleed! My soap is still in a perfect condition that just lies on the table!
– The images may fade or start being a bit blurry over time. So I would recommend that you use the soap eventually!
I will add more things to the list, if I have forgotten something!
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
Have a wonderful day everyone and see you next Saturday!


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