Fun & Easy Fall Themed DIYs That’ll Get You Hyped For Autumn!

Hey guys! Today I will show you fun & easy fall themed DIYs that’ll get you hyped for autumn! But I will not only show you fun DIY fall room decor ideas such as DIY maple leaf roses, a fall leaf garland & fall inspired resin coasters. But also how to make beautiful handmade resin jewelry with real leaves! I’m literally obsessed with my resin necklaces now! I hope you like this DIY room decorations & resin jewelry tutorial!

► List of the main supplies I used ( English / Deutsch )

#1 DIY Fall Leaf Garland with Fairy Lights

– Mod Podge * (EN) * (DE)

– Fairy Lights * (EN) * (DE)

#2 DIY Maple Leaf Roses Bouquet

For the roses I would recommend to seal them with mod podge as well (at least the big leaves that I placed around the bouquet), or otherwise they will just dry and lose their colors really quickly!

#3 DIY Resin Coasters

– Square Mold * (EN) * (DE)

– Epoxy Resin * (EN) * (DE)

#4 DIY Resin Jewelry with real Leaves

– Molds for Jewelry
#1 * (EN) * (DE)

#2 * (EN) * (DE)

– Pendant Bails * (EN)

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below!
Thank you so much for watching guys, have a wonderful day and I will see you soon!


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